We were going to go on a bike ride last night but Vanessa’s bike had a
flat when we pulled it out. Instead of goatheads, it was cactus. I had
protective plastic lining in the tire but the cactus went through the side.
site is interesting. It talks about goatheads and sells special weevils
to eat them. In case you’ve never heard of them, goat heads are the vicious
thorny seeds of a very tenacious plant. They are basically biological tacks.
New Mexico is the capitol of things-that-can-puncture-your-bike-tires.
There is a vacant lot near our house where we were amazed to see a plush
lawn growing without any water. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to
be a field of goatheads. Someone should cross those things with tomatoes.
Instead of goatheads, you’d get fields of rampant tomatoes that grow without
adding water.
Check out this
site for mp3s of videogame music remixes. (Beware
popups of March!) Listening to ragga remix of Super Mario Bros.
I was training on a maniac
song on DDR last night. I got up to the 2nd fastest speed. Didn’t try full
speed yet. It will take some more practice. The song is Make U Jam which
is only 7 feet on the maniac mode. (They get up to 9, I think.)
Our neighbor’s bear-sized
dog often has a barking war with the dog across the street. This sometimes
happens an hour before we’re supposed to get up for work. The dog’s prime
position to launch its volleys of barks is near our bedroom window. But
it’s a very nice and friendly dog otherwise. Why don’t dogs eventually
learn that the barking does nothing? People still walk around outside their
walls and territory. Well, our dog seems to have learned it. She only barks
for a treat.

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