While balancing a tub of laundry detergent on my shoulder last night at
I realized that my shoulder is so bony that putting much of any
pressure on it is
a bit painful because the bones are close to the surface. No wonder
those roller
coasters with the shoulder harnesses are so painful.

How’s this
for an image?
It’s got Moog! It’s got Devo! It’s on the Cornelius website! Ok, it’s
not THAT exciting.

I went with a few co-workers to visit a co-worker who’s in the
hospital. He got a concussion and some broken ribs in a bike accident.
Can’t be fun!

The plan for tonight is 4-player arcade action using Kaillera. If I can
get three
cousins together.

What an odd
for a magazine.

Ya know, what we need are more acronyms. I mean, it’s obvious you know
we’re talking about right?

I played a bit of Neo-Geo
Money Exchanger

on MAME this morning. That game is
way too hard. I’ll stick with puzzle fighter.

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