Hmm, be careful with coupons. Giving in to special offers could
apparently nullify
your entry on the National do-not-call list

Compactflash cards are up
to 4 GB!

(if you have $1500 lying around!)

An interesting article about the
evils of printer companies

A lady in the congregation had a Compaq computer that died. I opened it
had a look. Looked like a worst-case scenario, dead hard drive.
A crashed hard drive sounds like a bouncing metal ball when
you turn it on.
So, she’s probably lost all her data. Low-end Compaqs are pretty weird
inside. They somehow manage to put screws in places where you can’t
possibly get to them to unscrew them. To take out the old hard drive,
I’ll probably have to take out the power supply.

I played Rise of Nations with Kyle yesterday. I layeth the smack down.
He was exceeding wroth. (Not really.) But the real kicker is that
Kyle likes the game so much he went out and got it yesterday.

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