I was chatting yesterday with someone who’s pretty good at DDR. He
that when playing the Rhythm and Police song on heavy, we should do
“crossover” where
you cross the left foot the the right and vice versa at some points. I
able to get the hang of it in the short amount of time I tried
yesterday, but
Vanessa was beginning to learn how in the slowest speed. She looked
like she was doing capoeira.

Class is over. I am excellent now.

A day of “excellence” classes. Yay.

We rented Roberto Begnini’s Pinocchio and watched the subtitled
His voice is fun to listen to and his acting is really excited, but the
kinda dragged…who knew the original story was so depressing? I guess
a lot of fairy tales are pretty scary for kids
in their original non-Disney versions.

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