8/8/2002 lunch

La Sierra cafe’s heapin’ plate o’ artery cloggin’ nachos. Good stuff. They got the spiciness level just
right…on the edge of discomfort and yet not causing pain. It came with all possible nacho toppings…they
were even kind enough to dice the jalape~nos instead of slicing them. Soft drinks come in 32 or 44 ounce
size. Those people have done their research. Mind you, if you get nachos to go, be careful of holes in the
styrofoam container where the cheese melted through…otherwise, you may be eating a bit of styrofoam.
sidenote: If you have a huge platter of nachos and a huge soda, do not drink a cup of coffee while you
are still bloated. My experiments have shown that coffee is not helpful to over-consumption.

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