Cousins are here. This most
peculiar incident occurred. (600K AVI video)

They’re going to come
out with a huge multi-player game called City of Heroes in which
is a super-hero or super-villain. If I could, I’d play that game as Bicycle Repairman.

We went to La Hacienda restaurant last night because we had a coupon.
It just opened
up near us. The food wasn’t bad, but perhaps a bit overpriced for the
quality. I mean,
I could eat at Gardun~o’s for those prices. Our waiter seemed to be
extremely distraught.
“I’m sorry, I just haven’t been having a good day.” He reminded me of
the robot
from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Pepsi Vanilla is out.
Wonder if it’s
as vile as Vanilla Coke.
Update: yeah, it’s pretty much not worth it
Lately, we’ve been having a great deal of trouble with the cat missing
the litter box entirely. We decided to try an automatic litter box.
What did we awake to find this morning? The cat had missed again, quite
I wonder if she was frightened by the angry grinding combs that drag
across the litter box.

Visiting cousins are coming over tonight for
super-ultra-mega-sucrosepizzacomputervideogame party. Sleep is for

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