Wow! It seems the next DDR game for PS2
will be able to use the eyetoy.
Supposed to come out this fall.

We went to me grandparents’ house in Peralta this weekend.
I spent a good bit of time outside. Saw a few eggs on the ground…perhaps guinea or pheasant.
Saw a little numeric plastic band around a tiny bone in the field…probably from a
tagged bird. My brother and I tried to find a red ant queen but we were unsure how
deep she might be as we were digging. Digging up a den is dangerous (and stupid) stuff so
we couldn’t safely dig that deep. There is a red ant den that has been out there in the same
spot for years. Vanessa would probably tell you I have a weird obsession with pulling weeds and
with eradicating ant dens (which is impossible, by the way).

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