I’ve probably pointed to this before, but
here is an amusing text-to-speech
site. I’m enjoying having it repeat the lyrics to People are People.

We had a meeting last night with Otto Alvarez about our congregation helping him with
evangelical work in Mexico and South America. I was able to understand
most of what he said, but as far as talking to him in Spanish, I’ve apparently
lost most of that ability. I assume I sound somewhat like google when it
Fortunately, someone was there to translate.

The nasty sore throat is still with me. Maybe some coffee will help. Maybe not.

The interstate was backed up on the way to work this morning. The cause?
People slowing down to gawk at state prisoners in orange jumpsuits
working on the side of the road. Grrrrr!!! Think I’ll get a bumper
sticker that says, “Don’t be a Mr. Gawky!”

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