Jeremy showed me an odd game in MAME yesterday called
Chicken Shift.
You direct the eggs as the chicken lays them through a series of pipes by using
two buttons to rotate the joint pipes. It’s kinda like Lemmings with two buttons.

I think I’ve been seeing even more pharmaceutical commercials than car
commercials lately. “Do you you ever feel a bit odd after eating?
You probably have acid reflux disease.”
“Do you ever feel embarrassed? You probably have Social Incompetence Syndrome
and should ask your doctor about Reassurinol. A cheaper generic substitute?
You have to buy the real thing, you weak-willed outcast! No wonder nobody likes you!
“Have you sneezed today?
You should ask your doctor about Clariafanextrix.”

“I’m no expert, but you should probably ask your doctor about Zestramarmotol.
No, I won’t tell you what it’s for. Just ask him. He’ll hook you up.
He says you don’t need it? You gonna let your doctor tell you what to do? You
some kinda sissy? You should find another doctor who will give you Zestramarmotol.
It’s not like your current doctor has any special knowledge about medicine. I bet
he doesn’t even have as much experience in watching commercials as you do.”

I think I will start manufacturing a sugar pill. I’ll call it Hypochondraplacebinol.
It will cure anything. Side effects? It’s delectable!
Plus you get a free pen! How ’bout that!

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