Ever notice how people in those giant RVs tend to live in Wal-Mart parking
lots? I assume they just travel the country, moving from parking lot to
parking lot. Imagine the stories. “This one time, we went to the Super
Wal-Mart in St. Louis, Missouri. That is the finest Wal-Mart you ever did
see. Why, they even had Treet!
‘Course, the Wal-Mart in my hometown of Lexington, Nebraska will always
remain dear to my heart. Why, the greeters even come out to our RV when
we arrive! And don’t even get me started on the one in Bunkie, Louisiana.
I never seen such a disgrace. Security guard in his little covered motor
scooter come out and kicked us off as if he were the emperor of Texas!”
Actually, these people believe
they are entitled to free camping spots at Wal-Marts across the country.
It’s in the constitution, ya know.

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