There were three graffitied walls in our neighborhood this morning.
They say you have to be more persistent than the vandals
in painting over them immediately, disallowing them their publicity.
Some rough texture walls are not made of a material that is easily painted over.
I wonder if there is any technological solution to graffiti. Not that I know of.

As I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking about how many times
I’ve driven that route and will probably drive it in the future. The
freeway split where people don’t know which lane to be in because
it’s somewhat poorly labeled… “This is not the lane you’re looking for.” Finally,
they move out of the lane. Then, the lane for my exit that includes
lotsa dangerous UNM lane switchers… “This is not the lane you’re looking for.”
They swipe through the lane without signalling. Somehow, I never figure out
that I need to head to work five minutes earlier than I do.

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