When 115
years old

YOU reach, look as good, YOU will not!
This weekend we finally cleaned
up the computer room…at least it’s cleaner than it’s ever been. All of
the boxes are piled against the wall. I probably have enough half-broken
computer parts to build a zombie computer that would work half of the time.
Oh wait…that’s how my computers work normally.
Vanessa was backing out of
the driveway this morning and almost ran over a puppy. Of course, she brought
the puppy in. Later, before we left for work, I saw a neighbor lady across
the street looking for it. She was reunited with her puppy. The gates in
our neighborhood are designed to look like they are dog-proof to the owners…but
all the dogs know they can squeeze through the bars or underneath whenever
they want.
Why did they initially make
those electronic buzzing alarm clocks in the 80’s without an auto-off timer?
Didn’t it occur to them that apartment-dwellers would go on vacation and
might leave the alarm clock buzzing for a whole day, driving their neighbors
insane? This is what my neighbor did in the apartments I used to live in.
I realized while I was in the shower this morning that my X-10 alarm clock
does the same thing. I always especially hated that old electronic buzzing
sound. I have to keep this alarm clock because I can control our lights
with it.

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