Made it back alive from the dentist. Beforehand, I pleaded to the hygienist
(or pick lady as I call her) that I have been flossing and even got a sonic
toothbrush. So she picked and hooked my gums briefly and then polished
them. “Ah,” I thought. “It’s mercifully over.” Not so! I always forget
that that’s her old trick. Terrible picking, polish the teeth and make
them think it’s over, then more terrible picking! She found cavities in
the back lower-left two teeth (#18 + #19). But the dentist came in and
said they were just pinhole cavities that they’d keep an eye on. Yay! I
hate that when you get to leave the dentist with that dreadful anticipation
of coming back for a later appointment to get a cavity filled. I can’t
wait for carbon polymer tooth replacements…just replace them all! Teeth,
computers and cars are the three most failure-ridden things in the world.
If you ever meet someone who has no cavities, a computer that never crashes
and a car that never breaks, you are standing in an improbability field
I have a dentist appointment
today. I do not look forward to my time with the pick lady. I could probably
get the same effect with a mouthful of tacks.

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