Yesss!  In Dance Dance Revolution, I just got a B in Super Star on
maniac mode, which is 8-foot difficulty!  My most difficult song to
date.  This means I am extremely close to being quite skilled in something
that has no practical value whatsoever…unless you count being drenched
in sweat.
I’m taking a beginner Dreamweaver
class for a couple of days. I see now why many sites are splitting
up their sites into tiny annoying frames, tables and sections…because
they can. Also, I begin to see why they specify silly things like “You
must use 800×600 for this site”…as if I’m going to resize my browser
just for their site. They seem to have just gone through all the menus
in Dreamweaver and made sure they used everything at least once in their
site. I edit my site by hand and it’s just as ugly as anyone else’s.

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