Looks like Val Kilmer no longer has a house
in Santa Fe

He he…an an
about how the husband starts panicking if he has to shop
for more than 72 minutes.

I just realized how close English Beat sounds to The Police. Duh.

For my more nerdly readers, it’s a review of the
upcoming BTX motherboard standard.

is an mp3 of Bertrand Burgalat’s cover of Mariah Carey’s Vision of
Love. It’s much better than the original. Once I played it and acted
very suave toward my wife. She just laughed at me.

My co-worker has met all the members of Queensryche except one. I have
no response to that.

Must mimic Josh and link to a weebl cartoon. Klickenzie here!

Was playing Dark
Cloud 2
(flash) on PS2 (thanx for loaning it to me, Clint) last
night and began to feel nauseated. Probably the odd camera motion
involved in taking pictures in the game. Arrr, gimme a mouse and
keyboard any day. By the way, it’s a good game. Build towns, play golf,
grow fish, take pictures, invent things…not to mention all the normal
game stuff. And now, my theory of complex games. Why do some people
like them? Maybe because they require a lot of useless information. The
type to play such a game might be the type to know a lot of useless
information in real life where it is, well, useless. But a complex game
is a system where such otherwise useless knowledge is vital and the
otherwise useless information makes the person feel useful.

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