I think one of my favorite kid pictures is probably this one of Evin’s
Speaking of kids,
Zoiks!  We shall name the baby “Maximus”.

Ah, nice. Starting Nov 24th, landline telephone companies must
allow you to transfer your landline phone number to a cellphone
That’s about all that was holding us back. From Qwest to Verizon, I

Some coworkers are really into slot cars. There is an upcoming slot car
race for charity at our company. They have ordered a huge cardboard
test track that they are arranging in the hallway. I guess there’s a videogame
about it now. How exciting could that be? Put car on track. Release
car. Guess it’s probably as much fun as Microsoft train
…a riveting game where you get to go forward, backward

Ya know, Daniel Johnston doesn’t sound
(WMA) like he’s trying very hard.

Ach, that Dark Cloud 2 game is really getting in my head. One part of
the game is that you tend to photograph anything and everything to give
you ideas for inventions. I found myself in the bathroom the other
morning thinking, “I should probably photograph these towels.”

Want a smooth mp3? How about this

Last night MacGuyver used a mirror to reflect light-based Morse code
messages to start up a military helicopter. They don’t tell ya these
things in school, people!

I’d been watching an old black and white Dr. Who from the 60s.
Apparently, the theme song sounded the same with the synthesizers even
back then. I didn’t realize they had synthesizers back in the 60s.
Well, I guess they probably called them electric organs. 🙂

We went on a little hike in the Sandia mountains Saturday. The road up
the mountain was set up for downhill skateboarding with bales of hay
along the side. We didn’t actually get to see anyone doing it. I began
to realize how boring pictures of scenery can be. I mean, they’re nice
for desktops, but you wouldn’t want to go through a slideshow of them.

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