We biked over to play a bit of tennis yesterday. I think I won a single
game out of five against Vanessa. It would be an improvement if I
to get the ball into the lines.

Played the solo Rise of Nations the other night with the Risk
setup. I played as Britain and ended up making an alliance with Spain
and splitting the world with them. Japan got a bit of it too. But I was
playing on easy. I probably
couldn’t have gotten a single country on moderate.

We went to visit gramma in Belen Saturday. We ate at Pete’s New Mexican
food. That place is good. I hope it stays in business, because it’s
hidden off of the main street.
We took a walk to the train depot but the museum was closed.

We were driving home from somewhere the other night and saw smoke
rising from somewhere.
We drove to the source and it turned out to be a plumbing supply store
and mattress
store that were next to eachother. I took some pics. I haven’t seen
anything about it on local news sites though.

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