Evan (our new nephew) was born the other night. He was six pounds something.
Everybody’s doing well, they said. My brother-in-law’s website is down
so I haven’t seen a picture yet. I guess he’s probably got more pressing
matters to take care of at the moment.

Kiernan talked me into trying the free trial
of Comcast Rhapsody. Basically, it lets you listen to any song…at least from
the more famous labels. (This particular trial allows fake email address and
no credit card #.) Of course, it only streams the songs…you wouldn’t
want to download some worthless real audio file. I have confirmed that Rhapsody
works with Real Alternative. I doubt I would end up buying a subscription…I’m
kinda paranoid about letting a company be in control of the things I buy if I can
avoid it. If I buy mp3s, like at bleep.com, I decide how I handle the files…not them.
I see that Prodigy’s new CD has a song with a sample from Thriller. I heard the toughest part
of the CD was procuring the rights to all the samples.

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