A recent rain semi-flooded our yard.
Here was our harvest this
year. A
tomato about the size of a large grape.  (Update:  With great
toil, I just harvested another such tomato.)
Taking an Advanced C class
at work. Helpful, I reckon. None of our programs use pointers…it’s all
very basic stuff. I usually don’t break the mold.
We played Super Puzzle Fighter
II turbo last night. They need to make that game for GBA. Ah, ask and ye
receive. Anyway,
Vanessa schooled us for a while and then I schooled everybody and then
Vanessa stopped my winning streak and that was it. Vince won a few rounds,
himself…but it wasn’t quite fair since we’ve been playing for a while…we
shoulda handicapped ourselves. We pulled out a few games we hadn’t touched
in a while…Vince mastered Bust a Groove pretty quickly but Um Jammer
Lammy was way too hard for everybody.

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