In the break room, people leave their old magazines in boxes.
I use them to carry my hot frozen lunch back to my cube without burning myself.
Today I used a Kids Discovery WWII special magazine. I was about to throw it out
and then I started reading it. I realized I probably don’t know much about the specifics
of how world war II came about and what happened. I was able to read through the
major stuff in a few minutes. Now I figure I should find the childrens’ summaries
of all history. I was never very interested in history in school but I find it more
interesting now. There should be a book called,
“answers to stupid questions about things you should already know”.

We were watching the Star Wars documentary field of dreams or whatever yesterday. Me bruvah
pointed out Lucas isn’t exactly a very humble guy.

Here are some
misconceptions about vitamin C.
Josh can attest to the power of vitamin C…at least as far as burning your tongue goes.

Thanks to Josh for pointing me to
this page, playing 2 Nickelback songs
Josh mentions that they changed the tempo
and pitch to match. But it shows how original Nickelback is.

I switched to Mozilla Thunderbird
as my email program. It has a junk mail button (if you enable it). Just click the button
to classify an email as junk mail. Over time it learns what junk mail looks like. Much
better than the kluge I was doing with an email proxy for Outlook Express. So, if you
run Outlook Express, I recommend switching to Thunderbird. It also has an RSS reader that I haven’t
messed with yet.

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