You can use
Media Player Classic
to capture screenshots from DVDs (assuming you have a DVD drive).
Here is an example capture.

I was wondering what they were farming in the desert at uncle Lars’ farm in Star Wars.

Hmm, thus far, I’ve been unable to get RSS working in Thunderbird.

Update: Ah, it seems RSS is an option in the install. Perhaps it isn’t checked by default.

DDR Extreme is pretty neat, I guess. One or two songs that
probably shouldn’t be in a rated E game. Still a disappointing number
of recycled songs.
I hate that. Just using the same material from
old DDR games. If any other game did that, people would be pretty annoyed.
Best songs are Duran Duran – Reflex, Kim Wild – Kids of America and a remix
of that old Afrika Bambaata song. Also a lot of covers where they couldn’t afford
the originals.
The best eyetoy mode involves sticking your hands up at the right moments
and takes more coordination than I currently have. I played a bunch last night
just to check out the songs. I was playing in light mode while holding Sean.
The kid working at EB Games had been sitting there for three hours
without a customer and had been playing videogames. Now that’s a job! (They
built the new EB Games right across the street from the mall with
the other EB Games. Brilliant.)

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