I have 8 months to build a robotic diaper-changer.

For anniversary we went to Bosque Del Apache. The birds aren’t there yet.
Later there are cranes living there for the winter. Don’t go there before
then unless you like looking at large empty fields. We went to the Very Large
Array. It’s a bunch of huge satellite dishes in a Y formation that act as
a radio telescope. The next day it was off to White Sands. That was pretty
cool playing amongst the white sand dunes, burying the feet until you
hit the cool sand underneath the surface. After that we went to the Space History
Museum in Alamagordo. There were some nice models of rockets and satellites
but mostly the museum looked like someone had printed a bunch of web pages
and put them up on the walls. I was thinking, “I coulda read this on the web.”
Eh, it was only $5. Plus we bought some freeze-dried astronaut ice cream.
The taste was pretty faithful to normal ice cream. It was just much much drier.
Oh, and a guy in the museum did a demonstration with a blow torch on a square of
the space shuttle tile. I held it and it was as light as styrofoam, but it
held the heat of the blow torch on one side.

Played two rounds of Rise of Nations against Kyle yesterday. He whoopeth me.
The man must be stopped.

We continue to lose the battle against the ants in the house. I believe they
use the powder we sprinkle across their trails as a spice for the food they
find in our kitchen.

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