Someone is implementing something I had been thinking about.
pets that can independently travel through the internet between computers. I have
to admit I would never have had the time to do it. Kudos to them for doing it.
My only regret is that I didn’t
enter the idea in my blog so that I could point back at it and say I was thinking about it.
It looks like they will also allow the pets to visit things like cellphones and PDAs.
Here’s an interview
with the designer.

Videos of the upcoming
Sony PSP handheld game. There are rumors that it has disappointly short battery life.

In the new DDR Extreme, there is also a mission mode where you
can go up against your opponent, trying to accomplish some weird goal
like not getting any perfects, but only greats and with the arrows all
displaying in a single column instead of four columns…or other random things.

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