Ah, good news. ‘N Sync singer Lance Bass is going to be replaced
by a 330 pound cargo container.
Yesterday I went mountain
biking with me brutha along the Elena Gallegos trail in the foothills.
Naturally, we picked the hottest part of the day again. Anyway, it’s a
nice place to bike. Then, when Vanessa came home we went on a bike ride
too. I was biked out by the end of the day.
We went to the Beach
this weekend too. The wave pool was entertaining because it was so crowded
that the waves would send you crashing into a whole crowd of people in
their tubes. The big tall spiral slide was neato because the centripetifigal
forces wouldn’t even let you hold your head up.
This morning was an exercise
in patience as I entered the interstate. It was backed up. I took the next
exit and then took a tour of every construction detour, slow moving truck
and school zone in town trying to find a fast way to work. In the end,
I was 30 minutes late for work. I look forward to staying that much longer
this evening.

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