a day of comical car errors

Yesterday, we went to church in Deming in southern New Mexico. We walked around in the desert a bit with our friend, Eiland. He let me slide down a zip line he’d set up, along with many kid games that kept Sean amused. All over the ground was some kind of loco weed with lots of air-filled seed pods that you could step on and it would pop like bubble wrap. As we were leaving Deming, we felt a thump thump thump as we drove. Screw in the tire. Put on spare. Drove over to nearby shop and they repaired it. Wonder how they do that? It looked like gum protruding from the hole. Anyway, put the repaired tire back on, which took several times of jacking the car up and down, due to my incompetence. Drove to Hatch to get on freeway north to Albuquerque. Mistakenly headed south, wasting at least an hour’s time until Vanessa woke up and noticed the error. This reminds me, I need to start making sure I know where I’m going. Yeah, that’d be great.

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