a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a pot, a pan

Evin and family came through town the other day and kindly took us to Annapurna’s.  It’s a kinda veggie/gluten-free/hippie Indian food restaurant.  I liked the chai and some of the food.  But it seems like the concessions they have to make to gluten-free kinda ruin some of the more traditional dishes.  Apparently, I loves me some gluten.  Anyway, it was great fun to go there with them and we found a great portabello sammich.

On the 4th of July, we drove out into the desert and a trail to the top of some volcanic rock hills.  Nice view of the city out there.  Saw a millipede and tarantula.  Later watched fireworks…big displays as well as illegal displays all over the neighborhood.  The legal fireworks these days in a city are just sad.  Would you like a fountain, a fountain, or a fountain?  How about a fountain?  You can’t bomb ant dens with a fountain!

I’m looking for a tall mountain bike with disc brakes so I went shopping yesterday.  There’s a new Trek store on Menaul.  They seem to have a good range of prices…from 200 something to the thousands.  More importantly, they have a good range of sizes in store…including the elusive extra large ones.

Sean and I took a bike ride out into the desert yesterday and finally found a route without sand.  The sand sucks the fun away, you see.  We found where they’re piling all the volcanic rocks from all of the new development out in the desert…as well as some illegal dumping.

Extremetech has a nice article right now on building gaming PCs for various budgets.  The Radeon HD 5770 sounds like it’s the card to get at the moment…if I could get myself to trust AMD’s video drivers.

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  1. You were much kinder to Annapurnas than they deserved. My theory is that they spread themselves too thin by opening in Santa Fe and stuff. The food was barely edible, the floors and dishes were likely not even rinsed.

    We ate at Little Nepal in Colorado springs. Indian food was nearly best ever! I kept calling the resort thinking that they were outsourced. It was more like half the staff there spoke Hindi. This means good local eating, and we found some!

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