A Rube Goldbergesque chain of ruin, won't someone seat the children?

I had a spare half bottle of oil in our car trunk. This leaked in the trunk and created an oil spill. The oil spill ruined my jacket. In that jacket’s pocket, I had been carrying our car stereo face plate. This fell out of the jacket pocket one day, so it’s lost. It turns out the only way to get a replacement is to buy the same stereo model on ebay just for the face plate. Anyway, someone needs to rethink the idea of casually carrying a highly portable and practically irreplaceable object for “security”. It misses the point when you have to replace the whole stereo just because you lost the security measure. Cutting your losses in car stereos can be so bizarre that I saw a comment in one forum where a guy said he leaves his car doors unlocked so that a thief can just take his stereo without breaking the windows…because it would cost more to fix the windows than to replace the stereo.

Speaking of car equipment, I’ve got an ingenious idea…vehicles should all come equipped to seat children. I know, I know. It’s an extremist idea, but hear me out. Perhaps cars should be built to accommodate children, rather than the owner having to buy three different car seats as they get older…not to mention the fact that many parents probably install them incorrectly. A simple matter of trying to move Sean and his cousin from one car to another becomes a logistical car seat hassle.

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