Kryptonite's secret ingredient: tar

Vanessa’s brother loaned us all the Supermans, so it was a Superman marathon, including the new one. Altogether, I don’t know if they are going for much consistency in the series. “You can only use the green crystal once.” But he uses it twice, plus using it to re-energize himself at some point. Well, anyway, the special effects in the new one are much better, of course, but many objects still have infinite strength. In Superman universe, you can pick up half of a ship by a small piece of metal. You can balance a plane on its nose without it crumbling apart. Activate sci-fi rationalization chip: Superman must be generating a cohesion shield around whatever he picks up! Well, real physics would be a real letdown in Superman universe, anyway. The new Superman movie also gets rid of all wackiness. No more Richard Pryor-type silliness or super-dumb villains…well, not many.

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