And I'll form the loser-head!

$600…I sense something...a price I've not felt since...

So I made what could be a monumentally bad move as far as technology goes. I ordered a PS3. (At least I got a deal on it.) With any luck, I can lose the console battle and the hi def disc format battle at the same time! Never has the console war loser had such power!

  • Look at all these games! (crickets chirping)
  • (I’ll exempt the insane console price, since the deal I got brings it into XBOX 360 range.) But I won’t exempt the insane $60 price tag on next gen console games. Shame on them! The continuing $50 price of PC games proves that they’re just being greedy. I shall rent games, wait for sales, or wait until the Greatest Hits collection comes out.
  • It’s the worst-selling console out right now and the Nintendo Wii is stomping it! (That Nintendo with their fun factor! They outsell without 720p! They outsell without polygons, bloom, and shaders! This could end up just like the PSP vs. DS where the DS won with less power but more fun. I might have bought a Wii, but I already have a 480p machine (PS2).) I haven’t chosen a losing console since…wait, I bought a PSP didn’t I? Loser power!
  • Sony has been pretty evil to their customers as far as trying to lock them out of doing what they want with their own equipment (CD rootkit, PSP firmware battle) and yet trying to lock them into their proprietary formats (beta, mini-disc, ATRAC, memory stick, UMD, blu-ray). Why do I keep falling for this?
  • Developers are saying the PS3 is a pain to program and may shy away from it.
  • The 60 GB PS3 is on backorder at
  • I’m scared. Hold me.


  • You get five free blu-ray movies with it, but they really scraped the bottom of the barrel in your possible selections. Yay! I get Stealth!
  • Ordinarily, I wouldn’t pay this much for a console, but with the [disposable] credit card deal, it comes within firing range.


  • HD movie player with a free HD console thrown in…finally, something to hook up to the HDTV. You don’t understand! The HDTV was lonely! So lonely! Renting blu-ray discs from Netflix makes this at least somewhat practical.
  • You can get a PS3 for $350 right now from if you get their Sony credit card. (You pay full price now and $150 is theoretically sent back to you later.)
  • Future Pretty Hi-Def Japanese RPGs (FPHDJRPGs!) might be more likely to come to PS3 rather than XBOX 360. The Japanese aren’t exactly flocking to buy XBOX 360s. (Unfortunately, those FPJRPGs will mostly flock to the Wii, I think, but won’t be HD.)
  • I already have a PC (decrepit though it may be) and if I get a console, I want a totally different experience with different games that are less likely to be on the PC. XBOX 360 seems pretty close to PC as far as games go, and has no HD movie player.
  • It plays my old PS2 games, which I haven’t finished playing yet. The 60 GB PS3 still has an actual PS2 chip, so backwards compatibility is pretty good. (Although future PS3s will use some cheap software method that doesn’t work very well.)
  • I’ll have something to connect my PSP to, for that feeling of loser connectedness.

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