I’ve been doing a lot of stooped running lately, after removing 4-year-old Sean’s training wheels. I saw a few tiny kids riding tiny bikes and figured, “how hard could it be?” As soon as I took off the training wheels, I learned he’ll happily lean against whatever’s holding him up. The best method seemed to be to hold the back of the seat, gradually letting go, but being ready to upright him. So, he doesn’t even realize I’ve let go. He seems to have the hang of it after a few days. My legs are tired, but I’m proud of the little dude. Bicycling seems to be one of those “dilemma cycles”. You need to have some speed before you can get going, but you need courage to have the speed, which comes from experience. This seems to happen in other things like snowboarding and job requirements. You need the experience to get the job and the job to get the experience. The only solution I can see is study, practice, study, practice.

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