and yet I shall scream into the storm

Snowy day today. Every snowy day, I learn something new. Today I learned that city buses will run, but Rapid Ride won’t if it’s snowing too much. I caught a bus near my house and got off at Wyoming. Big mistake. Waited for Rapid Ride for a while and it never came. Someone said the bus driver on a city bus had told her Rapid Ride isn’t running. (I remember that my bus driver was on a headset cell phone, explaining why she didn’t tell me this.) If I’d stayed on the city bus, I’d have almost been to work on time. Instead, I spent an hour of quality time waiting in the cold with Screaming Unreasonable Man, The Cursing Sailor, The Shouter of the Obvious, and Chanting Woman. Screaming Unreasonable Man would scream in rage as cars splashed slush on him, yet he remained steadfastly at his post right on the curb. The Shouter of the Obvious loudly enunciated the time, and how late the Rapid Ride was every 7 minutes. Chanting Woman may have been rapping, but I wasn’t sure. So, this is what happens when the batteries go out on your mp3 player.

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