Ant War 2: Despair

The Ant War against the red ants continues in our back yard. We have been trying some sort of granules against them. The ants laugh in derision. I’ve tried flooding their hole with buckets of water. The just move the hole a foot. Not only are we losing the war, but there is now a second red ant den. Ants: 2 Alters: 0 Vanessa points to an article about fighting ants. I might try some boiling water.

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  1. Ants are God’s cleaning service carpeting the entire earth. Evidently the author never had an ant farm when he were a kid. Water or Gas or boiling __ is unlikely to succeed in harming the colony. Same reason the rain doesn’t do them in. Tunnel wisdom.

    If you do manage to kill a colony with poison, a new one will emerge nearby. There is an invisible grid of ant movement, when one moves out a wave of others spill in to fill the gap. We had a whole fleet of Horned Toads, they kept the ant beds in check. They love to sit and lick the ants up as soon as their little armored heads pop up. Unfortunately, Neighborhood kids have decimated our lizard supplies.

    The sure way to handle ants is to build a moat. They are very alergic to water. Three feet wide around the property should protect against the paratrooper ants that manage to blow over your first line of defense. Don’t forget the piranhas. Next research tiny little automatic lasers.

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