At last, a level full of oranges.

Well, we’ve been playing LittleBigPlanet, and it’s pretty fun. Think Mario with 4 players at once. And then there’s the customization. You can heavily customize your character. Mine is currently a Shakespearean orange guy. Sean’s is currently a zebra dude. Another fun part is the built-in level editor. You can build levels from existing pieces or make your own and share them with others on the internet. We tried a homemade batman level that was pretty rough around the edges. I wonder if people will learn that making a good level really takes time or if they’ll just continue to whip them out without much effort. I’m guessing really bad levels based on popular movies and games will get higher ratings than really good levels that aren’t based on existing stuff. That’s the way things seem to work on the internet, since it’s run by teenagers (i.e. digg).

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