Black Flag Sea Shanties

Some Black Flag Sea Shanty mp3s from Ubisoft

Drunken Sailor
Leave Her, Johnny
The Rio Grande
Fish in the Sea
Paddy Doyle’s Boots
Randy Dandy-O
Stormalong John
Homeward Bound
Johnny Boker
The Worst Old Ship
Roller Bowler
‘Way Me Susiana
Lowlands Away
Padstow’s Farewell
Where Am I To Go M’Johnnies
Hauley Hauley Ho
Derby Ram
Running Down to Cuba
The Coasts of High Barbary
Bully In The Alley
Spanish Ladies
The Dead Horse
So Early in The Morning




Ah, don’t you love it when you go to the vending machine in need of candy and
make the wrong selection. It fails to come off the rack and shaking the
machine fails to loosen it and the smallest bill in your wallet is a 5?

I decided to do a Heavy tour of DDRMAX2. I’ll go through all the songs
on heavy until I learn them all. I can see myself getting stuck
for days or weeks on some of the 9 or 10 foot songs. Uh oh…what happens
when I get to MAXX UNLIMITED? I guess I’ll save that for last and spend
the next few years trying to learn it. Imagine how sick of it I’ll get.


Our homeowner’s association seems to have problems getting enough
people to vote at the meetings. Wonder if they’ll eventually dissolve.
It might be a good thing after seeing things like

The other night at about 2 AM, they showed an episode
of Shazam!
on TVLand. I’d forgotten about it.
It was this 70s super-hero
show in which a strong looking young man rides around in a Winnebago,
yells out Shazam! and transforms into a 40-year old “super-hero” with a bit of
a gut and a mediocre cape. Mysteriously, there was no laugh track.


I was watching an old Go-Gos video (courtesy of Vince) and noticed
the guitarist looked like Joan of Arc in Bill and Ted’s Excellent
Adventure. It was.
Also in Star Trek IV in I-know-not-what role.

Looks like White Sands Missile Range here in New Mexico is one of the
two finalists
as the location for the X-Prize Cup. The X-Prize is a $10 mil prize
for the first civilian spacecraft into space. That’d be interesting
to see Johnny Spacely in his vacuum-packed barrel in a giant slingshot.
just kidding. One of the crews most likely to win is using a rocket plane
that is carried up very high by another plane and then dropped in the air
to gain altitude on its own. Very cheap compared to loading huge NASA
rockets with tons of fuel. Rocketry afficionado coworker Ken says
the $10 mil prize is nothing compared to the contracts the winning
crew will be offered by people and companies wanting to get into space.


I know it’s kinda stupid, but I think
will be my new startup sound.

It looks like, to keep costs down, many PC manufacturers are leaving out
the AGP slot on the motherboard so you can’t put in a nice video card.
This was a habit that had gone away in recent years, but it seems to be back.
one from Dell for $400. It’s weird how
you have to search through the stats to figure out that it has no
AGP slot. They should put a big warning on the front page:


Looks like they installed free wireless internet access at Civic Plaza here in Albuquerque. Wow, our first free hot spot.

6 Music says The Cure and Kraftwerk will be at Coachella this year. Kraftwerk…wow…they never show up anywhere that I know of.

We solved our last internet problem. It was a bit embarrassing. I called up Comcast and they helped me determine that my cable modem was turned off and I needed to push the power button. A real duh moment.

Hmm, I really haven’t been getting outside much. It often seems to be this way in the winter. Just too cold to do much outside. Maybe I just shouldn’t be such a wimp. Ah well, I still try to exercise indoors with DDR and now eyetoy. My kung foo is improving. It’s a game you play with a camera on the Playstation 2. I can defend myself quite well from dim sum being tossed at me.


I hate it when my computer has
potato problems.

Had internet problems all weekend. Hrm.
There seems to be some
about it on But aside
from that, it was a good weekend. Vince and Kiernan came over and we
nerded all weekend. One day we had Vietnamese for lunch. Kiernan ordered
something and when it got to him, it oddly had what seemed to be raw beef
which kinda freaked out a few of us. Fortunately, Vince finished it off for
him and he ordered something more to his liking. I had the super-oniony curry
chicken with onions, onions and onions. Eh, I’ve had better…but it was my
fault for ordering the wrong thing. The next day, we had Indian buffet (India Palace).
As usual, we ended up waddling out of the place…stuffed with good food.


I found a site with photoshopped WWII posters talking about some of the
people you meet online in BF 1942 (an online game). Pictures like
one and this one
and this one
and this one.

And now, a moment of silence for Belty, the dress belt.

Belty has been with me for many years through the curse
of business casual. He was purchased before time began in a low-end
department store. Not surprisingly, he began to crack soon. But
Belty was not a quitter! He was reversible! I reversed him
and it turned out that his other side was incredibly durable.
Many years later, he would still perform his duties, but
aesthetic values begin to come into play and I must show him mercy
and allow him to retire. Ah, I remember how he outlasted John’s belt
in the decrepit belt contest so greatly that John had forgotten
about the contest! So long, Belty! May you never
have to touch another pair of dress slacks again.


Time for a trip over to to ultrasound city. We may find out the gender today.
I say 51% chance that it’s a boy. Vanessa guesses boy. We shall see.

Update: Seems to be a boy!
It was one of those fancy 3D ultrasound machines.
They let us bring in a blank CD and saved some of the pictures on it.
It seems we don’t have to really try to think of a girl’s name.

As you can see, he seems to be rather bumpy! Just kidding.
It’s an artifact of the ultrasound process.

Warp Records has started
selling their music in mp3
over the web.
They’ve got some good stuff and they’re not using some silly
copy-protected music format like Microsoft’s WMA or iTunes AAC,
so I can actually play the stuff on various players. Time
for me to put my money where my mouth is.