Bacon is like way awesome!
Don’t forget the ground pork for the food lab!

I was just listening to BBC
6 Music
and heard King of Rock and Roll by Prefab Sprout.
Oddly, it mentions Albuquerque in the chorus. Not a bad little
80s song either. In fact,
a tiny version of the video (quicktime) from their website.

We went to the Best Buy in northwest Albuquerque last night and
picked up the eyetoy. It’s pretty fun and, as I thought it might be,
a good workout. Vanessa
faced her worst fear
and entered the matrix.


Tried to pick up an EyeToy
at Best Buy last night. They were sold out. I bet it was
because they were running one on a huge TV as a demonstration.

I caught a cold. The first day, I was thinking, “Is that all you got?”
I shouldn’t have said that because it got much worse. Now I
am in Tylenol cold medicine drowsiness.

Cookie’s ear infections were bad enough that her head shaking caused
a hematoma in one ear. They had to take care of it at the vet
and then taped down one ear and put one of those lampshade things
on her head. (Always rather amusing.) Alas, she may need
surgery if the hematoma comes back. Basset hounds are historically bred
as scent hounds and as living medical disasters.


Vince pointed me to some amusing
Japanese PS2 commercials. (windows media)
One of the commercials looks like a puzzle game played with talking peoples’ faces.
Alas, it seems the actual game doesn’t like that. What an idea!
Another commercial features a big ball of random objects
rolling through the streets. Another features Ratchet blowing up a poor nerd
boy’s love letter.

Ah, the cousin nerd new year’s party was a delight. We were up till
5 AM gaming on new year’s. And then it was more the next day.
I volunteered to the wife not to game today after the recent marathon.
One cousin brought his Xbox and Gamecube. I tried
DDR Ultra Mix
on the Xbox over the internet against three strangers. I could
hear some of them talking over their headsets. I think I won
one match in four. My accuracy is not so good, I guess.


Last night, I tried setting up a little TV as a 2nd monitor for my computer.
Now I can theoretically watch AVIs on the TV while surfing the web on the other.
Haven’t learned how to switch from a game to the other monitor yet, if that
is possible.

Tonight is super nerd cousin new year’s party 2004. (Or is it 2004?)
There will be Mario Kart: Double Dash and Rise of Nations aplenty.
Corn will also be served.

My grampa got a telescope with an automatic controlling motor that
could be run from a laptop. I hadn’t tried it yet, but I helped
him setup the software on the laptop. I registered the
software to Jack Horkheimer of the Stargazer Corporation.