back it up, yo

I was talking to someone about his daughter’s family having a catastrophic hard drive failure. I was realizing that I don’t remind people enough: at some point, your hard drive WILL die, taking with it your mp3s, pictures, and documents. If you aren’t backing it up to another computer or a USB hard drive or something, you WILL lose that stuff. I haven’t seen any backup system that isn’t a pain in some way…either because of setup, cost, or tedium. My personal backup plan has priority of low cost (free) and ease of use (automatic) but was a pain to set up. I set up Microsoft SyncToy as an scheduled task once a month during a weekday to copy my files to Vanessa’s computer, and her files to mine. During setup, you give it folders to sync and how you want them synced. If the house burns down, I lose all the files, but it’s better than nothing.

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