beta vs VHS vs AVCHD vs Capcom

We wanted a normal camera that also took 720p video, so we got a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3. The output videos are AVCHD .MTS files. Eh? Put the camera card into the PS3 and it’ll play all the videos on the card, but won’t even let you select individual videos for some reason. VLC plays the videos with a bunch of artifacts for some reason. Youtube accepts the videos directly, which is good. The videos look fine, but instead of the one popular format like jpg or mp3, all the camera manufacturers are fighting over these video formats. Does Panasonic actually think Casio is going to adopt their .MTS format or does Sony actually think that others will adopt their mp4 wrapper? I hear converting 720p videos is very CPU intensive…as in hours to convert an hour of video. HD home video is still in its baby steps, methinks. I’m thinking of changing our picture format to 16:9. I mean, all new computers come with rectangular screens for the most part. Here, press the HD button!

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