bike running low on…oil?

I ordered a very tall mountain bike from  Tall bikes are a bit hard to find locally.  I wanted disc brakes because I figured they’d be easier to deal with than V brakes, which always seem to get misaligned.  I got the bike and it was mostly assembled, but came with gobs of manuals for the various parts.  They really need a quick assembly guide for noobs…there really wasn’t too much to do, but it took me days as I read over all the manuals.  I must have applied the brakes with the front wheel off at some point because the front brake pads squeezed together so that they wouldn’t allow the front brake rotor in.  That’s when I figured out I have hydraulic brakes that need oil.  I had unscrewed the brake assembly trying to get the pads apart and precious oil oozed out.  After lots of research, I found out that you just pry the pads apart with a screwdriver.  After finally getting the bike set up last night, I rode it a bit…had to get clippy shoes and all.  I’ll have to put more oil in that front brake, which will be another adventure.  Presta valves are a pain because the cores can’t easily be removed for sliming unless you get special tubes.

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