Biscotti Exit Superman

Vanessa found that biscotti are so hard because they are twice (bis) baked (cotti). They seem to be targeted at dipping in coffee. I had always wondered why anyone would make such a tough cookie. Now I know.

I found Exit for PSP on sale for $9. It’s a puzzle platformer…sort of a cross between Lemmings and Super Mario Brothers. Seems pretty fun so far.

Sean and I finished watching the blu-ray version of Superman last night. I think Sean got bored with the first half of the movie with all the drama. The second half held his interest, what with the flying and the lifting, LADY! We were amused at Lois Lane…a smoking, hotdog-eating, kinda older lady…what did Clark see in her? There is a scene in the movie where Lois Lane’s beauty is “so great that it blurs the camera”. Has Superman the glaucoma? Earlier in the movie, we see a chance encounter between the young Clark Kent and the young Lois Lane. She’s about 10 years younger than him at that point. Then later in the movie, she appears about 10 years older than him. Maybe Superman ages well? To be fair, Margot Kidder was only 4 years older than Christopher Reeves.

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  1. Hey Nathan,
    In the old day’s… NO, not my day’s… before that! Ha! They used to make cookies and breads that were hard so they could take them with them on their journey’s. They don’t mold or get yucky, and they can be soft again just by dipping them in your tea, coffee, water, milk, etc…
    A good long journey treat.

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