blu-ray Warning, time travelling flash, plumbing

On the HD front, it looks like Warner is going blu-ray (instead of HD-DVD). There are also rumors that Paramount has an escape clause in their HD-DVD contract that they may exercise because of this. Things seem to be tipping Sony’s way. I’m a bit bummed…I wanted to see Sony humbled for their meanness toward their customers. Now they will squish us with impunity. Also on the blu-ray front, it appears that they’ll have a PS3/PSP method to rip blu-ray movies to your PSP.

Check out this odd little “time travel” flash game where you play through and have to cooperate with your previous selves…Cursor*10.

We learned a bit about plumbing recently, with a great deal of help from friends. When an all-in-one hot/cold faucet handle leaks, you have to replace a cartridge inside the handle. Ours was a Gerber faucet handle which seems kinda rare. We found a $30 replacement cartridge at Kenco plumbing here in Albuquerque.

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