Bridge on the captain

We were watching the old Star Trek the other night. (Now on Netflix instant viewing.) It’s pretty fun to watch with Vanessa because she points out funny stuff about it…like what a creep Kirk was. Someone needs to put up a Youtube video of every time Kirk looked women up and down in that creepy way. Also, there’s the way the camera went all blurry when they showed a woman’s face…either to hide any flaws or because she was just so beautiful that she blurred cameras. Ironically, they’re having to revisit this idea with HDTV…they’re perfecting airbrushing makeup techniques and video processing. I saw an article about Kirk’s death in a Star Trek movie. Shatner said,

When I leapt on to the bridge I said: “Captain on the bridge,” which was the way I had always announced my presence on the bridge of the Enterprise. And when the bridge collapsed on me I said: “Bridge on the captain.” Those lines were cut.

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