Bundle those shreddings!

Albuquerque sent out fliers in the mail with details on what they recycle.  They don’t do chip board (cereal boxes), which is most of what we were recycling.  They want paper bundled, rather than bagged.  That includes shredded paper.  How do you bundle shredded paper?  Not sure.  They only recycle a couple of kinds of plastic, which leaves out most everything else.  So they’ve probably just been throwing out our recycling for the past years, since we haven’t been doing it right.

One thought on “Bundle those shreddings!”

  1. Recycling is the biggest scam ever. I followed one of our “green” trucks to the dump where he emptied like all the other trucks. The thought makes people feel better but I would wager 95% ends up in the landfil anyways. Then look at the cost of the extra trucks/employees and processing equipment. Reduce, Reuse yes. Recycle, no.

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