Bye bye scooter

A year ago, I got a cheap 150cc scooter…a “PCC Rocky”.  I’ve finally had enough and sold it.  (He fixed it before selling it on consignment.)  Overall, I can’t recommend scooters for long commutes.  It was stalling often on hot afternoons and had to be kick started in the mornings when it was cool.  I got many flats and had to replace a bent wheel on my 13 mile commute.  A scooter might work for someone who’s actually in the city and won’t ride far.  This has cost me about the same as a car would have in maintenance.

Lessons learned:  If it’s a new 150cc scooter, you’re not supposed to go over 25 mph the first 300 miles.  That could be a tall order.   Also, pay attention to the octane requirements labeled near the tank.  If you use low octane, you may have problems starting the thing.  After 6000 miles, you have to have the main belt replaced, which is about $100.  After 12000 miles, you have to get the engine rebuilt for about $300.

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  1. So you would not recommend a PCC Rocky? Was yours something a student going between school, work and home could use?

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