Car Stereo Saga XVIII

The car stereo saga continues. As we seek to replace our Sony Xplod (ironic) car stereo under warranty, we learn that they are no longer replacing it with that exact model. We get to remove it from our car and pay to ship it in and only then find out what Sony will do about it. I tried for an hour to figure out how to remove the dashboard trim that blocks the other trim that blocks the other trim that holds the stereo in. Tried finding info on the net. No go. There is no manual sold for the Kia Optima because it’s not popular enough, I guess. Fortunately, Best Buy (who installed it) says they will remove it for free…but will charge us to install the replacement. This good deal is turning out to be not-so-good.

UPDATE: By the way, to remove the stereo in a Kia Optima (2004), pry the silver trim around the gearshift. Now pry the bottom trim/drink holders. Unscrew the top trim and pry that out a little bit. There will be all sorts of wires that will stop you from pulling the top trim out all the way. Hopefully, you can get just enough space to get the stereo out.

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