Carlsbad Caverns

We went to Carlsbad Caverns this weekend.

  • The caves are beautiful and totally worth your time to see.
  • The bat departure at sunset can be disappointing.  The bats are silent and when we saw them, they flew out 30 at a time.  (Maybe sometimes there are larger waves, since there are about 200,000 bats in there.)  After a while it was too dark for some of us to see.  Anyway, don’t expect a roiling, screeching vortex of bats like you see in Batman…although you can expect to see Batman…or at least a guy in a Batman costume.
  • Only 2 out of 4 elevators are operational right now.  The others have not worked for 2 years (under repair).  Try to hike out of the cave before 3:30 or you’ll be in a huge line for the elevators to get out.
  • Get your hotel as far ahead of time as you can.  They book fast and it’s supply and demand after that.  Expect to pay $200 a night if you book the week of.

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