At work, they’re going to have a volunteer dealio where we plant native plants near the river in a couple of weeks. I get to get up early on a Saturday and crawl in the mud. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for performance plans. 🙂

Vanessa found a sweet Pacman belt. If only I had the courage to wear such a belt around the office.

More Tron trivia. When Bruce Boxleitner (Tron) first saw the costume he’d be wearing in the movie, he said, “Where are the pants? Where are the pants??”

I just had a flashback to highschool…if I remember correctly, all highschool cafeterias have a deeply ingrained smell of bologna. The entire building area near the cafeteria also smelled this way. Such a depressing smell. It seemed to say, “You will never eat any tasty food again.” Is this still the case today?


Ok, here it is. Free video to PSP .mp4 conversion without Quicktime. Download and install the XviD binary. Download and run PSP Video 9. Voila! Unfortunately, I have learned that Sony crippled the PSP so that you couldn’t play full resolution (480×272) videos from the memory stick. (They limit you to something like 320×240.) Don’t want any competition for the proprie-licious UMD format now, do we? Hmm, I begin to trust Sony about as far as I can throw a crate of misaligned PS2s.

Update: Warning! You may have problems with the sound and video of your resulting mp4 being out of sync.

We went to Tingley Beach Saturday. It’s basically several very large stocked ponds where you can fish. There was even an Game and Fish officer in attendance. I saw on the bottom of the ponds that they were lined with plastic or something. If you ask me, it all seems kinda artificial to be able to fish in a city. If you ask me, fishermen and hunters wouldn’t be allowed to use any modern technology and would just be sent into the woods with the clothes on their backs. They could either get something to eat using homemade spears or get too hungry and give up. Now there’s some sport! Why, I’d be dead on the first day! We also took a long train ride around the area during which a man narrated the things we passed using a microphone that only allowed every third word to be understood.

I accidentally left my coffee cup in the break room over the weekend. I was shocked this morning to find it clean and white. (I think the cleaning crew cleans any dishes left in the break room.) It was my understanding that coffee molecules bond to the porcelain in an almost unbreakable stain. To think of the sandblasting the person probably had to do to get it clean makes me feel rather guilty.


I saw in the Blue Room playlist, Dinosaur Jr. covering The Cure’s Just Like Heaven. Thought, “I’m going to hate this.” (I disliked Dinosaur Jr…too generic.) Strangely, it turned out to be amusing enough…especially the heavy metal screams.

There’s a homeless woman with a dog whom I usually see in a tiny grass area in the center of the PNM buildings. I’m not sure if she lives there or not. There are some benches there and she has several bags with her. If she does live there, I guess you could call her the resident of PNM.

Yesterday, we briefly went to a park to watch part of a rugby tournament. We had no idea what was going on. One odd thing was that when they toss the ball in from out of bounds, both teams each have two guys lift a guy up to catch it. Some players wear things that look like wrestling helmets.


I was thinking, it’d be great to configure the house alarm to work via wireless internet to call a cell phone. Thus, we could get rid of alarm monitoring service.

An advantage of living in the desert…people come to launch rockets here. This past weekend was the Personal Spaceflight Expo in our very own Las Cruces, NM. (Here are some pics.) Alas, I did not think to attend. In other technology events, there was the DARPA grand challenge. The team sent a robotic vehicle driving 132 miles across the desert. I am amazed that someone got a vehicle across the finish line, given that nobody even got close last year. I need to borrow that half million dollar VW that won to brave the balloon fiesta traffic. I’d just sit there playing games as some computer drives me through the horrid traffic.

We went to Albuquerque Old Town this weekend. Oddly, I’d never been there. (I’ve lived here how long?) Anyway, it’s somewhat like the plaza in Santa Fe. It’s probably got the highest tourist concentration of any place in Albuquerque. The main park area in the center reminded me of The Village in The Prisoner. Be seeing you!

They had a birthday party for 1-year old Evan who was visiting. They had a bin with a few inches of water and rubber duckies floating in it. The babies were happily splashing in the water and Sean kept dunking his head in it.

We went to the hot air balloon glow Friday evening. Throughout the evening, they do countdowns and then all balloons fire off their propane. There are balloons glowing all over the place. Too bad digital cameras are usually really bad at night shots unless you buy a really expensive one. If you turn off the flash, they usually leave the shutter open longer to capture more light, allowing for more blur. There was an impressive fireworks display afterward. This may sound pretty commercially, but eat Johnsonville brats. Them are good.

I figured out the problem with slow DVD playback on the media computer was Media Player Classic that I was using. I tried a different program that came with a drive and it worked much better. Now, I can use DVD Decrypt, copy Netflix stuff to the hard drive, and mail them back quickly to get the next ones in the queue. Then, we can watch them and delete them later at our leisure. It’s Operation Netflix Bandwidth Increase. It’s like a super TIVO. I’ve been watching The Drew Carrey Green Screen show (not out on DVD). It’s Whose Line Is it Anyway, except it’s funny. The only change is that they improvise in front of a green screen and animators animate what’s going on around them.

While trying to get cousin Ryan setup for games the other night, we realized that his computer sound was somehow getting channeled back into his mic input. We went through a lot of trouble trying to get it to mic only and in the end, his sound card drivers ended up getting blown away. Poor Ryan said he reformatted his PC to try to fix it. My theory of computer setup comes through again. The time a computer or network will need the most maintenance is when you are trying to play a game.


For months now, I’ve been using earbuds for convenience and comfort when listening to music or PSP. For some reason, I just picked up my big over the ear headphones and am listening to music. This reminds me of something I’d forgotten…bass. It’s fun! I guess my dream headset would be totally comfortable earbuds with lots of good bass and a mic on the cable for games. Most earbuds cause discomfort inside the ears. Big headphones cause outter ear discomfort after long periods and if you have glasses, forget it.

We watched The Goonies last night. Seems the DVD version is a different version than the previous one. Some scenes were added or changed. We thought the funniest part is when Ma Fratelli is chasing the kids through the caverns and is sorta making a breathing sound like a Rottweiler. In the news recently, you may have seen something about a very large giant squid. The squid is included in the movie! Data has to dispose of it using a small cassette player and some pop music. The Goonies R Good Enough video was included on the DVD and there’s a part 2! All this time, I wondered what happened to Cyndi at the waterfall, but I apparently only had part 1 of the video.

It be our anniversary today. 4 years, and good years they be! We be dinin’ tonight on sushi. Avast! Me mum-in-law will watch t’wee lad. Arrrrr! We’re potentially going to the balloon fiesta Saturday. Getting the lad up at 4 AM or whatever insane hour should be an interesting challenge.


Sean has gotten quite good at trying to “cutesy” his way out of trouble. I was letting him play the synthesizer last night and he kept turning up the volume and blasting it. He was getting in trouble for it, but then he’d do his “beautiful eyes” (blinking) and instantly get me laughing so that I had to turn my head.

Ach, no, Scotty‘s dead Jim! Perhaps he’s trapped indefinitely in a transporter buffer? Nah.

I tried my hand at emulating a Genesis on the PSP. Sonic crashed. Tried SNES. Ghouls and Ghosts runs really slow. With any luck, the these emulators will improve in future versions. They are only in their infancy.

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus home with my bike at the curb. There are 3 bike slots on the front of the bus. Later, two teenagers rode up and were hanging out with bikes in the area. When the bus came, they cut in front of me and blocked the street so they could take the last 2 bike slots. Khaaan! It took some effort to stay in turn-the-other-cheek mode. I waited for the next bus a while later. When we got to San Mateo, our bus apparently hit another bus. I didn’t feel or notice this because I was playing videogames and it must have barely been a bump. It took me a while to realize our bus was going to sit there forever and I finally got off and biked to the next bus stop and waited a while. Then, I noticed the digital sign said the next bus wouldn’t be there for 23 minutes so I decided to just ride my bike home. The worst part of all of this was that, while playing videogames, I accidentally figured out what the PSP Master System emulator “exit game and go back to ROM list” button is, after almost getting up mouseman in Wonderboy 3. As any player of Wonderboy III will tell you, this is true tragedy.


Tomorrow is a rather pointless gasoline boycott day. Since you’re just going to buy the same fuel later on, what’s the point? The old “never trust forwarded email” rule comes through again.

It’s the Albuquerque R/C Club schedule. They are having a show on June 26th and 27th. It seems R/C planes are probably better to watch than to participate in, since several hundred dollars can very quickly go “thud”.

Still no baby yet. Many are recommending that the baby be born quite soon due to various travel restrictions. He seems rather obstinate, though.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but when free websites ask for registration logins and passwords, you can find logins at bugmenot.com…for sites such as fileplanet.com and nytimes.com. It makes the web as convenient as it used to be!


I just got the weirdest spam ever. It uses just about the same trick Marty McFly used on his dad with the headphones in Back to the Future. I think it shows the level of gullibility in those who respond to spam.

A bible study with Patricia and Walen and us this evening. Walen has been giving her the Cliff’s Notes version of the old testament. If the old testament were a novel, it’d be the thickness of War and Peace, at least. Nevertheless, he’s been able to summarize it pretty quickly.

Grrr, the new version of AIM with file transfer behind firewalls breaks the old version of DeadAIM. The new version of DeadAIM is $5 rather than free. DeadAIM is a program that’s supposed to break the ads in AIM. But it’s all ok because the new version of AIM installed “AOL for Broadband” icons all over the place.

Those TV Land spots are pretty funny. Last night, they did a viewer mail that said,
Dear Macguyver. My bird is hungry. What do I do?
Macguyver clip: Unscrew the inside of an ordinary pen and whatdya got? Bird feeder.
It made no sense whatsoever.

I played my first multi-player game of Rise of Nations with brother-in-law, Kyle yesterday. He layeth the smack down. The night before, I was in voice conference with 2 cousins and the other brother-in-law playing an old-fashioned game of Starcraft. They layeth the smack down on my team.

I rode my bike to Tijeras around 2 PM, Saturday on Route 66. Bad timing…broiling hot. It’s probably about 15 miles round-trip…not that far on a road bike, but it sounds like I rode to another town. I’m not sure if Tijeras isn’t technically just a suburb of Albuquerque. It’s drudgery riding uphill on the way over there, but the trip back is quite fun with the high speeds.