Come back brain! Brain? Braaaaaaaiiiin!

Having a computer nearby over time has slowly turned my handwriting into an exercise in cryptographics that even I can’t understand; my memory into a google pointer; my math skills into WindowsKey-R calc; and my spelling and grammar into watching out for the squiggly red underline. (Did I even use those semicolons correctly?) I’ve been trying to turn the tide lately. It goes slowly. Vanessa stomps me in Brain Age 2 to the point that she may as well be playing against no opponent at all. I’ve been doing things like actually trying to remember character names in movies or TV shows and even stooping to *gasp* math by hand.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done long division. There’s a similar method called short division. I practiced it bit and it looks like you could get pretty fast at it. If you’re doing larger numbers, quickly figure out the divisor (number on the left) multiplied by the numbers one through nine.

[You’ll never get me to practice handwriting though, coppers!]

Team lightning bolt

Today, PNM notified its employees whether they’d be staying with the electric side or going to the gas side that’s eventually splitting off. I’m apparently not selected to go with the gas side. Someone was joking that they should give out logo shirts with either a little flame or lightning bolt, so we could tell who’s going where.

tongue splinter

We made a quick jaunt into the foothills near Tijeras the other day. Sean loves rock climbing. We found some prickly pear cactus fruits and tried eating a bit of it. They seem to be all seeds on the inside, but are quite sweet and tasty. It seems you would just put the seeds in your mouth to get off any tastiness and spit it back out. I got my first tongue splinter.

Sean made money from selling toys at the yard sale and was able to buy a lego set. It turned out to be a very complex set with complex instructions. I enjoyed putting it together, discovering the missing pieces that he and his cousin lost approximately one hour after opening the box. These smaller pieces hold together much tighter than the larger ones. Now I remember why our Legos had all those teeth marks when we were kids. Sean disassembled the model within 10 minutes after seeing it.

I bought the wacky Calling All Cars from the Playstation 3 store. A little game that pulls in four-player split screen, 1080p, and surround sound. Guess we’ll have to get adapters to use our PS2 controllers for another two players. Actually, I was just reading today that the upcoming PS3 controllers will have rumble in them. Better hold off on buying anything for now I guess.

ye olde reverse chronological miscellany

We’re gearing up for a garage sale Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! GBAs $15! Wireless speakers $20! Cables $1! Everything must go!

I was riding my bike this morning. A stray pit bull saw me and started pursuit. Thankfully, I managed to outrun it. I was a bit worried that my $50 bike would fall apart during the chase.

Helped Vanessa make apple pie last night. We had trouble getting the crust material to cooperate, but it turned out very good anyway. She’s so kind to make pie for me even though she’s not that big on it.

Installed internet alarm monitoring through NextAlarm. $12 a month with a pre-paid one year contract. This means we can get rid of our land line and move to cell phone with the money we save. I had to install a special VOIP phone adapter for the alarm and a wireless bridge for it. Now it will email me when the alarm goes off. More for less money! The cons of this were that I had to sift through the internet looking for the programming manual for our alarm and learn about its inner workings. It took a whole day for me to get it all set up.

Got the PS3 set up and started playing with it. Downloaded some demos, videos, etc. blu-ray Planet Earth disc on its way from Netflix. Listened to mp3s with the blurry-gloopy visualizer. Look at this cute video of how it does slideshows. For some reason, it doesn’t expand PS2 games to the full height of the TV. They are shrunk a bit for some reason. You can tell Windows Media Player 11 to act as a DLNA server to share media with the PS3, which I got working. (Need DIVX support, Sony.) I did the PSP version of the “remote desktop” and watched videos and music on the PSP in another room. I also tried it over the internet. A bit laggy, but videos were watchable. I was LOVING the wireless controller. FINALLY, no more “don’tsteponthecable. don’tsteponthecable. don’tsteponthecable. don’tsteponthecable. don’tsteponthecable. don’tsteponthecable. don’tsteponthecable. don’tsteponthecable. don’tsteponthecable.” If you were to map a 3-year-old’s movement through the house, 99% of their movement is directly on top of the PS2 controller cables.

garage barrage

Saturday, Vanessa took Sean and I to garage sales. We didn’t do the early morning thing, so it actually wasn’t too bad. Most of the sales had been stripped bare of anything interesting to me, but I did pick up a Ratchet and Clank game for $5. (Around noon, garage salespeople apparently begin to give up and sell things low to get rid of them.) At one point, I saw a Commodore 16 (huh?) for $20.

Maybe if they found a Commodore 16 collector (if there is such a person) they could have sold it for that much. As it was, they needn’t have bothered selling it, rather than just throwing it out. Unfortunately, Sean was extremely bored as we took him from sale to sale. But he likes the game!

Home disrepair

Saturday, we went to the zoo for a friend’s birthday party. Nice place for it. Yesterday after the service, we helped someone work on a place they are remodeling before moving in. Vanessa and I teamed up to prepare windows for removal on a later date and removed a few doors. We learned a thing or two about power tools, which is always a good thing. Some power drills have a “hammer” feature that pounds the screw as it’s driven in. Oddly, it was also hammering when we were unscrewing things. What I know about home repair could be written on a post card.

straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel

You know those times when one tiny insignificant error causes much pain…like when you miss a freeway exit and it’s the last one for many miles? Two of them for me today. Change control software fails to push most recent version of my program. Total cost: whole work day. Lacked $2 for bus pass. Total cost: half hour bike ride through downtown to ATM. I went with Bank of America because they have the most ATMs. Ironic that they don’t have one on Central and 1st where it would make the most sense. And why would Southwest Federal Credit Union actually accept any sort of debit card? I mean they’re only a BANK!