on the code again

Back from the church camp meeting and gramma visit of last week. Several good lessons at the camp meeting. Vanessa played many rounds of volleyball. Gramma was happy to see the lad. We learned that Google Maps has some problems sometimes. Perhaps it’s the interface, but it mentioned a turnoff at some point that we never saw and continued onward for miles in the wrong direction before Vanessa noticed. (I would never have noticed and we would be in Canada by now.) A neat trick I learned in Google Earth is to plot directions from one point to another and “play” the directions. It does a flyover of the route.

Champeens on Ice

Last night, we went to Champions on Ice, courtesy of Kelly. It was an impressive show. The state of lighting is amazing now. The only manually aimed lights were the main spotlights on the skaters. All others were elaborately programmed. I asked Vanessa what would happen in the future when robots can skate better than humans. She said nobody would buy a ticket to that. I would, Vanessa. I would. Also, someone seated near us graduated with honors from the Institute of Applying More Cologne Than Thought Humanly Possible. There was so much cologne in the air that, using only my mind, I was able to open a wormhole and transport the entire stadium to a time just before we even left…but that’s another story.


We went swimming last night at this pool. The pressure in the showers was set to sand blaster mode and the pool was cold. Anyway, Sean generally liked splashing around in the 2 square feet of pool we had to circle around in. The pool was sectioned off mostly into laps, a diving section, and a play area where most everyone was crammed in around us. I think the pool needs a little re-sectioning.

Absent-mindedness does not pay

It’s been an interesting few days. Friday, I forgot my bike lock key and left my bike on the rack without locking it. Bike stolen. This weekend the PS2 decided it doesn’t like blue discs. Yesterday I left my wallet on the bus and am about to call back to see if anyone turned it in to the bus driver. Since about 30% of bus riders here have prison tattoos, I don’t know how I’d rate my chances. I have this theory that there are not really any streaks of bad luck. One bad thing happening to you makes you more sensitive to the next incident and you mentally string them together. Bad things and good things happen to you every day. You may start worrying about the bad things and ignoring the good things if you’re not careful.

UPDATE: no wallet found. 🙁