dream within a dream

I had an Inception-style dream within a dream last night.  The external dream was just me telling someone about the internal dream I’d had the night before.  In the internal dream, I was in Italy and they had some weird law that if anyone came into a restaurant and asked for some of your food, you had to give it to them.  People kept coming up to my plate in a restaurant and taking bites of food from it and eventually I got annoyed and refused.  The guy called a security guard over and I was thrown out of the restaurant.  I don’t know if the internal dream occurred at a faster speed than the external one.  🙂

California or wake up

I had gotten a job at Microsoft in California.  I moved out there and was surprised to learn that I was moving next door to Scott Hanselman (a famous programmer at Microsoft).  As I headed up in the elevator with Scott for the first day of work (’cause he’s apparently friendly like that), I began to think, “but how could I afford California real estate?”  “And isn’t Microsoft headquarters in Washington?  As the logic of it all began to unravel, I woke up.


My company had sent me to China and I’d just gone through a tour of a strange fab where they heated the chips by hand in porcelain molds. I was walking around in a huge Chinese warehouse store looking at all the awesome stuff and was so excited to be in China. I was thinking I should call Vanessa and tell her about how the company had flown me over there spur-of-the-moment. She’d probably wonder how it was done so quickly, considering my passport isn’t up-to-date and travel security is so tight right n…it’s a dream, isn’t it…then I woke up. First time I’ve reasoned myself awake, I think.

Last night I dreamed my teacher was the guy from Greatest American Hero…probably something to do with watching the pilot before going to bed. If he were my teacher, that’d mean I was in special ed.