In my dream last night, there was a funeral and my uncle was coming for the funeral. We were in a building somewhere in a city and he said, “So anyone feel like going to see the Flying Petes? . . . guess not.”

03/01/2006 dream

I was in some sort of RC car race through New York, but I got lost.
There was also going to be a renaming of the engineering section of the
Enterprise to commemorate the passing of Scotty. However, I was taking
a coworker to it under the mistaken impression that it was in his honor.

01/19/2006 dream

I was playing Sly Cooper last night. Sean woke up a bunch last night screaming,
so we were awake a lot. I was having obsessive videogame thoughts as Vanessa stumbled in the
dark to help Sean. I was worried she would trip over game objects like crates that
contained coins and so on. Hmm, the brain doesn’t work very well at 4 AM.

01/15/2006 dream

During the depression era, I was kidnapped by the criminal, Marie Callendar.
I think I was a sort of Andy Griffith character and I was trying to get out of
the situation by complementing her pies. She had some old car and only she could drive it.
She was trying to get to the car to make her escape. There was a crowd of people in front
of us that she was trying to hold hostage all at once. I’d distract her and then shout to the
people to run. They all ran to safety. Then I woke up. I found
this page about the real
Marie Callendar.